Ravenscar Seal Colony – 17th June 2018


The Seal Colony, Ravenscar.

We took the long climb down to Ravenscar’s rocky beach on the 17th June, 2018.

The weather was great but this is definitely a hard climb and probably not suitable for prams and people who cannot manage the steep inclines and steps.

Once we were down on the seashore it was pretty rocky but we soon came across the seals with a few youngish cubs resting amongst the rocks right at the bottom of the path.

It was not hard moving around the beach itself although the rocks were large and we did have to make our way around or over them.  There are lots of ammonites and fossils amongst the debris and we did spend quite a while just mooching around before making our way to the more distant places where we could see the seals congregating.

Some general points to watch:

  1. Check the tide tables and time your visit to match the tide going out
  2. Be prepared for a long, steep walk from the Heritage Centre and road
  3. Don’t go close to the seals
  4. Don’t allow dogs off a lead if you must take one at all
  5. Be careful, you may not always see the seals hiding in the rocks
  6. Take a longish zoom lens to enable you to take close photographs of the seals





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